“He has made everything beautiful in his time.” - Ecclesiastes 3:11

Life to me and for me growing up was pretty straight forward or so I thought. I’d finish high school, go on to Uni and be done and then get a job ASAP and climb up the ladder of success, I am supposed to keep going on with nothing to stop me, trials that will come- I will be strong to pass through them. I would get married, have kids, make money and please God by doing good to others. That is how I saw things. My identity was found in doing good and seeking praise from people.

I sought praise from people because in high school, I had the horrible experience of being bullied and that sent me down the doldrums of low self worth that made me crave people's praises even more as I was reminded by the tormentor that i’d never be anything and I was incapable of being a smart child.

Fast forward and down the road, God sent me to Canada to grow my faith in him and learn to depend on him by stripping me bare- I had to back to school, faced discrimination, sunk to an all time low and then in 2014, lost my sister as well as my grand aunt who raised me- how harder can life get with this whole business of trusting in God? I will also throw in facing rejection which hurts and stings!

I look back at all my experiences and go back to among many bible verses from the Word of God to Eccl 3:11 and Eccl 9:11 that remind me constantly that God is consistent to ALL his creation. True, he shows favour to those who love him, but the bible also says that time and chance happen to ALL as well as making things in everyone's life beautiful at his (God’s) timing. God has proven himself to me in different ways that I have to literally look hard but I see him in all these things. For me, I have found God in “unusual places” and he has given me opportunities to share him with people through the unusual that I would have missed had he not taken me through the journey in the way that he did. 



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