Prove God is Real

Many of us ask God to prove that He is real.

We need a sign. 
An answer. 
A divine encounter.

You name it, we've asked for it. Our whole faith and belief can be hinged on the conditions that we place on Him, and what we think is proof of His reality. I've done this almost my entire life, up until about 6 months ago.

I asked God why some people stay where they are in their relationship with Him, and why others seem to progress, and hear from Him more. Does He choose favourites? Does He predestine who can hear from Him? Are there some that are just better "set up" to know Him more.

Quietly He whispered "You will seek me, and find me. When you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13

The answer isn't it performance or worth. It's not based on jumping through hoops, or a score sheet, that He is constantly keeping track of.

It's in the seeking.

YOU will need to seek Him if you want to know Him.

In our drive thru, breakthrough society, we have this idea that when we want something, we should immediately get it. And we don't stop with God.

"God reveal yourself to me." 
"God why do you let bad things happen to good people?" 
"God why don't you fix this?" 
"God if you are real you'll _______ for me."

We demand instead of seek. 
We wait instead of work. 
We talk instead of listen.

He's got a lot to say, but He isn't a clanging symbol, He's a gentle whisper.

If you want to find Him. If you want to see Him. If you want to hear Him. If you want to know Him, beyond your kindergarten level of knowing, you will need to seek Him.

You'll need to pray, and listen. 
You'll need to read, and digest. 
You'll need to push through when it's hard. When it's exhausting. When you don't want to.

You'll need to do all of that, with all of your heart. 
Like your life depends on it, because it does.

It's not enough to just have proof that He is real. You need to desire to know Him, until you can't live without Him. Until you so deeply know that He is real, that none of this is worth it, without Him.

All of His promises are yes + amen. 
And this is the promise: You. WILL. Find. Me. 
When you seek me with ALL of your heart.

That is the difference: the all.

If you are asking God for a sign, I challenge you to start asking Him who He is, rather than proof.

He doesn't ask you to jump through hoops before He believes in you, and you shouldn't require that of Him.

Just seek Him. 
Talk to Him.
Read His word.
Ask Him to give you the drive to seek with ALL of you.

When you do, you will find Him.