Shine On

We all have a calling on our lives. Every. Single. One of us.  We all have a reason that we are here, a purpose for our daily rhythms. I am a big believer in God taking even the terrible situations we sometimes find ourselves in, and turning them into something good. Something beautiful that can bring glory to His name, if we let Him. I often find myself asking “what was the purpose of that?” and maybe I don’t hear the answer right away, and maybe sometimes we never will, but I believe without a doubt that if we open our lives to Him, He will use that event in some way. There is a purpose for your life. For what you are going through, if you let God use you, He will.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today. Not exactly anyway…

When you hear the phrase “This is my calling” you most likely think of a career or ministry opportunity. You were called to go on that missions trip, you felt lead to go to a specific event where your life was changed, you felt called to go into a profession etc. And while yes, I too feel a calling over my life in certain areas, I also know women who have no idea what their ‘calling’ is or would be and they feel like they are left out of the club. Or maybe you have a calling that is unreachable right now so as you work towards it (or don’t) you stay where you are saying “maybe one day…”, “that’ll be nice when…”.

I believe that I (and you) have multiple “callings”. That God has created me (and you) for great things. In John 14:12, the Bible says “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done and even greater works…”. Even GREATER works! I don’t know how much you’ve read the Bible, but Jesus did some pretty amazing things.

As Christians I think we often hear the word “calling” and sluff it off too quickly. Because the truth is that we ALL have a calling and even if you don’t feel called to be a children’s pastor, a police officer or a lawyer who does good work,  you are still called to do even GREATER works than Jesus did while He was on earth. We are called to be a city on a hill (Matthew 5:14) shining brightly so that we cannot be hidden. We are called to be children of light (Ephesians 5:8… but you should read all of chapter 5, it’s all on living in the light)! We are called to be salt (Matthew 5:13). That one is my favorite. You are called to be salt, not sugar. Not everyone is going to like you my friends, but stand firm in the confidence you have in Christ. It’s very obvious that in our society we don’t have the most popular of beliefs. Jesus never said this was going to be easy or that everyone would agree with the Bible. He didn’t say “It’s okayy if you only believe half of what I say. Take what you want and leave the rest… I’m sure it’ll work out”. No no, He says we’ll actually be persecuted for living a godly life (2 Timothy 3:12). But we are called to be salt. Not Sugar. Yea? Okayy back to our callings.


I believe we all have one calling in common, and that is, to be a light in the darkness. To shine.

When you decide to live your life for Christ, inviting Holy Spirit into your life to lead you and counsel you, asking Jesus to be your friend and to walk with you, when you call on God the Father to step in and take over, you are taking on the name of Christ. And we should not do that lightly. You are now known as a CHRIST-ian. You carry His name along with yours. Let’s all just let that sink in for a minute. You carry Jesus, wherever you go. To the grocery store, into the mall to buy christmas presents, when you go to your neighbors house for coffee and when you sit at your desk at work, you are representing Christ. And who was He? The Light of the world (John 8:12).

No pressure!

So what on earth am I talking about? What does this mean? Let me give you 3 examples of what this calling means in your life, today. How to ‘shine on’ if you will.

1. You release light wherever you go.

When I was young I remember walking into a little shop with my mom downtown, Saskatoon. I have no idea what was in it or what it was called but I can remember entering through the door and feeling a weight hit me. I felt heavy and dark and I didn’t know what to do with that feeling. I left immediately and told my mom that shop wasn’t right, it wasn’t okayy to go in there, so we moved on. Even as a young girl I could sense the darkness. I didn’t understand it, but I knew it was there.

The only difference between that young girl and who I am now (okayy there is actually a lot of differences thank you Lord!) is that now I know in whose authority I walk in. I know that if I were to walk into that shop today, I would be releasing the light of Christ into that place and it would no longer be dark, because we all know that where there is light, darkness can no longer be! Praise GOD!  

You are called to walk with Jesus every step of the way sister! So take His hand, and walk confidently knowing that He, the one who loves you so much that he gave His life for you, is walking with you and has your back. That makes me so excited! Are you walking with Him today? Is your Shine on?

2. You can pray into any and all situations, right now.

Prayer can sometimes be this intimidating thing. Like we don’t know the right scriptures to use or the right “christian-ese” phrase for something so we just stay quiet in hopes someone else might pray. But how are we ever supposed to get any better at something if we don’t start from where we are today? Just. Start. Praying. Let Holy Spirit (who lives IN you and has obvious connections to the big guy) lead you, and even if you start small with one or two sentences, that's enough. Father is waiting to hear from you, His beloved daughter.

Pray with your boyfriend. Husband. kids. Mom. Grandpa. Best friend. The teller at your bank. The homeless man on the corner. Your waitress at dinner. A prayer doesn’t have to be 10 minutes long, although sometimes we need a good long chat with our Dad. He hears you. He sees you. Pray, talk to Him, thank Him, give Him the glory. This small step will grow your relationship with Him stronger and stronger daily.

I remember the first time my best friend and I prayed for a headache in the middle of the hallway at our high school. Her hands touched my head “In Jesus name, I command this headache to be gone”. That was it. It even started out as almost a joke, like “as if it works like this, but wouldn’t that be cool?!” and then I froze. Because that horrible migraine I had been facing all day was gone with the snap of a finger. Lifted. I was free. It was like Jesus whispered to us “I am right here, just ask” and we giggled and ran away with Joy.

You are called to do GREATER works than Him. Jesus turned the water into wine and healed the crippled walk, he can absolutely take away that headache. But you have to first call on Him. You have to have a relationship with Him. Just. Start. Praying. Don’t wait until you are in the safety of your home where no one else is around! You bump into someone at the mall who complains of being sick, Is your shine on?  

3. You share it with the world.

Matthew 28:19 says “...go and make disciples of all the nations…”! He doesn’t say “If you feel called to be the lead Pastor, speak from the pulpit once a week and hope the word spreads!”, can you imagine? He says “GO!” You sister, are called to spread the good news of the gospel of Christ with the world! For some of you that may mean traveling across the world and for some of you it might mean stay in this city and be Jesus to those around you! Make disciples. Walk with Jesus and help others do the same.

THAT, is your calling. That Is my calling.

So dear sister, that leaves us with one question. Is your shine on?


Guest Writer: Julia Friesen

Photo Credit: Lovely Roots Photography