Moment by Moment

I recently visited my friend Mary in her quiet room tucked in the corner of an old folk’s home. It had been weeks since I had visited and typically, the longer I go without stopping by, the less I want to show my face. I begin to feel guilt for my absence, and this pushes me away. Lately, I’ve had good intentions to go, but my actions have not been in alignment. I had purposed to go, but I just kept making other choices. I think this is a common human struggle. Sometimes our intentions and our actions get out of alignment. When this persists, our hearts feel fragmented and our lives become off-kilter. 

I wonder if Mary the Mother of Jesus felt out of alignment as her life and plans crumbled before her? I wonder if she questioned and doubted and feared and felt the rigmarole of uncertainty as her tummy began to make room for the Giver of Life? 

Carrying Jesus to term wasn’t something that happened to Mary – it was something that she purposed to do. The Angel spoke the intention of God for Mary’s life and she responded from her heart – she allowed His intentions to become hers and as a result, His purposes became hers too.

Purpose means to intend. What lies at the root of our intentions? 

Who we are choosing to be, in that given moment. 

Mary chose to align her intentions with the Father’s and her willingness created a pathway for the conception and coming of the Christ child.

God’s intentions for you this December have greater purpose than your own plans could produce. He longs to shift your very being, moment by moment, to be more like Him. In the world of medicine, intention refers to the process of wounds healing. God heals us when he molds our intentions to be shaped by His complete love and unreserved acceptance of us. This is undeserved grace. When this happens, we become fully alive and available for His supernatural purposes.

This is how we, like Mary, are commissioned to carry the presence of God into the world desperate for His roaring hope. Instead of asking what you intend to do this December, I wonder, Who do you intend to be? Take some time to write about her and define her. 

What does she act like? 

How would you describe her presence? 

And when your intentions don’t align with your behavior, refuse to pile guilt or shame on yourself. Instead, receive full forgiveness and acceptance purchased for you on Calvary – and from that place of power – make your choice. Moment by moment.

Guest Writer: Kaitlyn Cey. Sisterhood Pastor at Elim Church. Through her work, play, rest and writing, Kaitlyn endeavours to promote the growth, engagement and flourishing of all people. You can find more of her at