Seasons of Purpose

“Know the importance of the season you are in and wise you will be. But what a waste when an incompetent one sleeps through their day of opportunity.” - Proverbs 10:5 (TPT)

I’ve always been one to be holding out for “one day”, I found the Lord asking me to let go of my “what if” and “it will be better when” mentalities. He asked to me step back and see that it wasn’t going to be destinations or monumental moments that would be the highlights of my life - but the everyday, here and now, sometimes monotonous, moments that were woven together to form a diverse and seasoned life.

Seasons are ever changing, different, and purposeful, in all of our lives. They don’t often feel monumental, or exciting.

Ever the one to sit within the four walls of my home, staring out the window at the ice and cold, wondering when winter will pass, I felt the Lord whisper that even when I didn’t like the season, it still was necessary. It wasn’t without purpose.

And here the writer echos the whisper of the Lord: know the importance of the season you are in. 
Why is it important? Because even when it’s not a season that you enjoy, it still holds an opportunity.

It’s not always a harvest. But it may be an opportunity to sow. 
It’s not always warm. But it may be refreshing. 
It’s not necessarily colourful, but it could be a blank canvas.

It won’t always look like opportunity. 
Sometimes it’s disguised as waiting, and patience. Other times it shows up like discomfort, and stretching. 
Most of the time it arrives as trust, and faith.

I know what it is to embrace an opportunity in a season, and I know what it is to completely disregard the process, and miss the opportunity that the Lord has for me. Trust me when I say that no matter what the current season of your life looks like, He is orchestrating everything, for your good.

Don’t disregard the season that is in front of you. 
Sometimes it looks small, and insignificant. Sometimes it feels long and drawn out. 
Sometimes it seems cruel and unfair.

Ask the Lord to reveal to you the importance of the season that you are in, so you can embrace the unique and purposeful opportunity that He has for you.

Guest Writer: Taigan Bombay. Taigan is a wife, mom, dental hygienist and writer. She loves to write about her everyday struggles, victories, and encounters with God. Her hope is that through sharing her stories, it would be a source of encouragement and hope for others.