Enter In

He brings you out to bring you in

Tucked away in one of the books I was recently reading, were these eight little words that caused me to pause and reflect. ‘He brings you out to bring you in’. What a powerful perspective shifter and reminder to keep on keeping on. A reminder that He is always behind the scenes. That you can never arrive – He always has MORE. More heart to expose, more mysteries to share, more revelation to bestow, more dreams and plans and purpose with our names on it – if we choose to let Him take us there.

Often what looks crazy to the world or those watching what we’re doing – is exactly what he’s called us to. The question is…do we have it in us to remain obedient, surrendered, soft to his voice INSPITE of the judgement and criticism of others. INSPITE of the conversations and tossed about opinions that you know are going on out of earshot.

Often it’s these callings that expose hearts. 

He brings us out to bring us in. Out of our ‘comfortable’ and safe havens. Out of our element and well laid out plans – Do we dig in our heels and refuse to be moved? Or do we let go of the ideas and plans we have for ourselves – So He can bring us in. In to the inner recesses of his heart. In to make us privy to the mystery’s of heaven. In to grow us, mold us and draw us continually closer. In to partner with him to unlock heaven on earth. 

Recently, I asked him what the point of some of the things I ventured out in – moved from -gave up on – was. What was the point if it didn’t turn out the way I was dreaming. What was the purpose if the goals I set weren’t attained? What was the point if it didn’t turn out the way it does for others? What was the point of investing so much time, focus and energy in something that to the outsiders perspective maybe looked like a joke? And He said “I didn’t lead you there to remain – I brought you there to learn what I needed you to learn and then to keep moving”. So many times, what I thought was meant as an arrival, He meant as a pit stop on the way to the next.

There have been seasons I have been allowed to enter into, moves we’ve made, opportunities I’ve been released to pursue. In my mind and limited understanding I thought the purpose was for one thing, but God has always been 20,000 steps ahead. In much of what I’ve said yes to, even some things I thought were meant to be long term … He kept leading me forward. Only allowing me to pause long enough to learn what I needed before closing the door and leading me out to bring me in – somewhere new, where the skills and training gained from the last door made it possible for me to be ready to walk thru the next.

Some things – that to the outside eye would be the definition of failure, inconsistency or giving up, were only really ever meant to refine and train up. To the outside eye it looks one way  when in reality – He’s bringing you out to bring you in.

And it’s in these pivots – these being ‘led out’ moments, that often feel like wilderness seasons, lonely journeys when we wonder if we heard him wrong, those heart piercing transitions – we again realize it’s not about us the way our selfish tendencies would assume. It’s not about our own personal advancement or worldly success. How much ‘knowledge’ we can spew for others to hear. How much praise and approval and esteem we can garner from others. Its not about what others may think. Its always been about our hearts. about obedience. It’s always been about walking intentionally and intimately with the Father. Learning his heart – catching HIS vision and loving people the way He does.

It’s always been about living loved. Living from a place of freedom, secure in our Christ centered identity, soft hearted and quick to obey – even when it doesn’t make sense. 

If I don’t check my heart regularly and renew my mind in Truth I can easily move from a position of discerning wisdom and tender heartedness to puffed up pride with empty words that only add to the endless chatter and noise infiltrating our wave lengths. I can get comfortable in my current reality and be content to ‘remain’. But we’re not meant to get comfortable and remain. We weren’t created to coast until He comes. We were created and purposed to reflect the very heart of our Father. And so He will always be leading us out when it’s time to ‘enter in’

It’s not easy to see the beauty in the midst of the drawing out – the transitions – the closed chapters – but the reflection on the other side always catches my breath and captures my awe, because all I ever see in the aftermath is the love song He has never stopped weaving throughout my life. I am so very thankful He doesn’t leave us to just remain.

He brings us out to bring us in. 


I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name. (Isaiah 45:3)

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

Guest Writer: Jenna Hildebrandt. Jenna is a lover of Truth and purity. She has seen the hand of God work miracles over and over again not only in her own life, but in the lives of those around her and is passionate about sharing the love of Jesus and the freedom truly knowing him brings. You can find more of her at authenticallyhis.com