There are no words to describe the utter heartbreak when he told us that our son and three of his buddies had been killedOur wonderful Lord knew and understood our broken hearts.”

I truly feel privileged to be asked to share of God’s goodness to our family. When the Lord said “Lo, I am with you always” – He truly meant exactly that. He is a loving friend who cares and understands, and He walks beside us through the clouds and the sunshine of our lives.

My loving husband Vern and I were blessed with four beautiful children: Greg, Kim, Lori and Tami. They truly were our Pride and Joy. In their early childhood, they earnestly gave their hearts to the Lord. Tears of gratitude flowed from our hearts.

I am sure we all agree that many times in our lives we make wrong decisions. In Greg’s teenage years he chose to “hang-out” with friends who all had a great time together, but some of the activities they chose were not the best. Greg and I had many heart-to-heart talks and he promised that someday I would be very proud of him. As his mom, he would get a warm hug from me and I told him that I was very proud of him, but not always proud of his decisions. Those were times of warm, loving feelings between us.

The absolute saddest day of our family’s life was the morning when a Patrol car drove into our driveway and a Sergeant knocked on our door. There are no words to describe the utter heartbreak when he told us that our son and three of his buddies had been killed. They were hit by a semi-truck and died on the Waskesiu highway. Life came to a standstill and we could hear the desperate screams of his sisters in the next room, “no, no, no, not Greg “

My cry of anguish was: Where is Greg? Is he with God? Our wonderful Lord knew and understood our broken hearts. In the next few days the Lord gave us strength and assured us of His comfort. Sitting in a pew in Elim Church on Moss Ave, as we stood to sing, in front of us stood the Lord with his arm around Greg. I had heard of visions, but did not understand the reality. I collapsed in utter weakness. The following day a missionary friend from Texas called to tell us he had an awesome vision of Greg being swept into the gates of Heaven. Thank you, thank you to our incredible caring and loving Savior who knows and understands every day of our lives. We felt total peace and thankfulness believing that as Greg lay injured in that ditch, he cried “Forgive me Lord. I want to come home to Heaven to live with you.”

Greg’s memory will always be very lovingly kept with our family.

May you all be very certain that the Lord is with you every minute and that He cares and understands. He will give you forgiveness, peace and love as you walk side-by-side with Him each day.

Some of our sweet little grand-daughters have seen many pictures of Greg, so when I tell them that some day we will see Greg again on the streets of Heaven, their eyes sparkle as they ask, “Will he still be as handsome as he was here on earth?” With a big hug, I tell them “you bet.”  I can hardly wait for that awesome day.

- Sylvia


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